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NEXT-K WEEK, successful conclusion

Hello? This is the Next Challenge.

From December 6, 2023 to December 10, 2023, Next Challenge is creating a startup ecosystem​

Startup officials from ASEAN countries and overseas speakers interested in the startup ecosystem gather in one place

Sharing various insights and networking about the global startup ecosystem​

NEXT-K WEEK  We had a global event.

NEXT for K-Startups

Today's startups in Korea

Talk about tomorrow

Keynote section

NEXT for K-Startups

Korean startups and global markets

Exchange and grow together

Global Networking

NEXT for Startup Ecosystem Builders

Exploring Korea's startup ecosystem

Startup Park Tour

 NEXT for Startup Ecosystem Builders

Startups create a space for collaboration< /p>

Startup Meetup in Next Challenge Global Venture Studio

NEXT for Entrepreneurship Educators

Discussing a new era and new education

Edtech Summit

Incheon Bioscience High School

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