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Next Challenge, a global accelerator foundation that leads the public-private governance of the startup ecosystem, builds a future startup city by nurturing innovative startup talent by strengthening the startup education ecosystem, accelerating domestic and foreign startups through company buildings, and strengthening the network of startup ecosystem stakeholders. We are carrying out various businesses for this purpose.



베트남 정부, 국영방송, 국영기업, 대학 전략적 업무협약 체결

2023. 09

UN CITYNET (UN affiliated organization Citynet) MOU

2023. 06

Kyobo Life Insurance selected as an in-house venture fostering open innovation partner

2023. 05

2023 Global Startup Builder Summit held by government start-up support organizations in 9 ASEAN countries

2023. 05

Cambodian government Khmer Enterprise and Techo Startup Center joint MOU

2023. 05

Joint MOU with Ateneo de Manila University of the Philippines

2023. 05

Joint MOU with Indonesia Institut Teknologi Bandung (Bandung Institute of Technology)

2023. 05

Joint MOU with Indonesian Government Gerakan National 1000 Startup Digital (1000 Startup Digital)

2023. 05

Joint MOU with Laos Government Laos ICT and Digital Association

2023. 05

Joint MOU with National University of Laos

2023. 05

Joint MOU with Sigapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore

2023. 05

Joint MOU with Singapore Reactor Group

2023. 05

Joint MOU with Sunway Innovation Lab at Sunway University in Malaysia

2023. 05

Joint MOU with Thai government Digital Economy Promotion Agency

2023. 05

Joint MOU with Vietnam Government National Innovation Center

2023. 05

Joint MOU with VinUniversity, Vietnam

2023. 05

Malaysian Government MRANTI (Malaysian Technology and Innovation Research Accelerator) MOU

2023. 05

Philippine government DOST-PCIEERD joint MOU

2023. 03

Selected as the host organization for Google Play’s global collaboration ‘ChangGoo'

December 2021

Vietnam Next Challenge Co., Ltd._(VN) established local branch in Hanoi

December 2020

Next Challenge Ventures Co., Ltd._Establishment of local corporation in Bangkok, Thailand

December 2020

Establishment of NCA, a foundation incorporated by the Incheon Regional Venture Business Administration

December 2020

MOU with Future Stream Networks Co., Ltd. (listed company), a Korean global media company

2023. 02

MOU with Fullerton City, Orange County, California, USA

2023. 01

VTC Online MOU, a state-owned enterprise under the Vietnamese Ministry of Information and Communication

2023. 01

Next Challenge Ventures Co., Ltd._Establishment of local corporation in Singapore

2022. 07

France Paris Saint-Germain Academy Korea MOU

2022. 06

China HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade Development Department) MOU

2022. 06

MOU with LA FRENCH TECH, a French government affiliated organization

2022. 06

Thailand TVCA (Venture Capital Association) MOU

2021. 06

Korea KAIST Business School MOU

2021. 01

Selected as Isu Group’s in-house venture fostering open innovation partner

2020. 03

Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Selected as host organization

2020. 02

Korean Bar Association (Labor Lawyers Association) MOU

2019. 09

MOU with 14 university base engineering education centers

2019. 04

[Youth Entrepreneurship Academy_Seoul] selected as the host organization

2019. 03

Startup Bay anchor institution in Seogwipo-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

2019. 01

Establishment of Next Challenge, a foundation incorporated by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups

Representative experience
Graduated from Handong University, Department of Business Administration
Master's degree from Sogang University Graduate School of Management of Technology (MOT)
Hanyang University Graduate School of Business Consulting, Gyeongsangbuk-do Graduate School,
Doctoral Completion
Career activities
CEO of Next Challenge Foundation (Ministry in charge: Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
CEO of Next Challenge Asia Foundation (Ministry in Charge: Incheon Regional Office of Small and Medium Venture Business)
​Next Challenge Ventures Co., Ltd. Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand General Manager
Current, Google Play ‘Changgu’ General Manager
Current, Vice President of KOVA Venture Business Association (2023~)
Seoul_Professor, Global Entrepreneur Center, Hanyang University (served as adjunct, special, industrial complex professor) 2012~2018
Incheon_Member of the Incheon Metropolitan City New Deal Special Committee
(appointed by the Mayor of Incheon)
Busan_Member of the Busan Metropolitan City Technology Startup Policy Advisory Committee
(appointed by the Mayor of Busan)
Jeju_Member of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province 4th Industrial Revolution Committee
(appointed by Jeju Governor)
Jeju_Seogwipo City Policy Advisory Committee Advisory Member (appointed by Seogwipo Mayor)
​Jeju_Seogwipo City STARTUPBAY + GLOBAL General Manager
Former, Architect (10 years_Urban Architecture, Space Design)
Hyeon, Writer_Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Recommended Books_Bestseller Mutant Wolf, Attack of the Wolf  and 8 other books)
Youngrok Kim
Global Accelerator
Next Challenge Foundation
General Representative | Chairman
Footsteps of Next Challenge Foundation Kim Young-rok
(Click to view video)
Received the Minister of SMEs and Startups Award (Individual Category - Merit Award)_2017
Mayor of Incheon for contribution to the startup ecosystem of Incheon Metropolitan City (individual/institutional commendation) (2022)
Selected as an honorary citizen of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province (2021)_Contribution to creating a startup city
Writing activities (total 8 volumes)
Ministry of National Defense Jinjung Bookstore distributed to all units, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recommended book <Variant Wolf> 2022
Kyobo Bookstore bestseller, Book Morning CEO selection, senior_large print publication for people with low vision, etc.
Attack of the Wolf_Kyobo Bookstore bestseller
Economic Era of mutated wolves heading towards the new continent
A new perspective and insight on startups and a guide to the direction of the economy after the pandemic. “An all-out advance to expand the economic territory of mutant wolves armed with an endless desire for growth” 2022 Kyobo Bookstore (Economic Management) Hot topic new book, selected by Book Morning CEO/Selected as a book recommended by the Director of the Korea Institute of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Development, etc./Low vision Large print publishing for people

Sam & Parkers


Mutant Wolf (Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)
Post-Corona Era Startup Ecosystem White Paper
Destroyers who took over today with ‘tact’ and ‘wildness’
Kyobo Bookstore's bestseller (economics and management)/Kyobo Bookstore's hot book selection/Kyobo Bookstore's No. 1 rated good book/Kyobo Bookstore's Book Morning CEO selection/Millie's Library (1 million members) bestseller selection/Samseong Station subway advertisement, high school family entrepreneurship (Biz Cool) ) Includes textbooks/Publishes large print for people with low vision

Sam & Parkers


Representative lecture
SKA Show (podcast), Harvard University, MIT School of Engineering, Sebasi, National Assembly, large corporations, etc.

CEO Kim Young-rok’s profile video


Human Resources Development Conference


KBC Hwatong Concert


15 minutes to change the world


Figure 1.png

​Hana Park

Senior Manager

"'Connecting the dots' values a wide range of experiences and learning and pursues a Nomade life."


In charge of the U.S. ICC China branch, Beijing ESF Chinese interpreter, special purpose high school entrance exam consulting  There are heads of departments, general managers of start-up support, etc. I lived in China for 7 years, the United States and Dubai, and majored in Chinese Language and Literature at Beijing Normal University.


Yang Jeong-ah

Team Leader

“We have ENFP characteristics and aim for positive energy, communication, and an inclusive life.”

I have been in charge of startup support for 10 years in the startup ecosystem, including the Korea Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation and the Seoul Creative Economy Innovation Center. I am a start-up support expert with a strong sense of responsibility and a sincere commitment to the growth of startups.

Figure 6.png

Seongwoo Lee


“With the motto ‘As Always’, ‘As Always’

“We pursue a life of challenge and growth based on our unwavering original intention.”

 Regional revitalization and humanities course planning and operation through university and regional resource linkage, overseas volunteer corps general staff in Rwanda, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and India, welfare organization promotion & sponsorship PM,   We support the growth of startups based on community expertise such as product policy planning and CS.

Figure 8.png

​Jin So-young

Assistant Manager

“I want to remember the importance of a global mindset and help create a better world.”

I spent 6 years as a student in China and worked at a foreign airline for 7 years, which allowed me to see many places around the world and meet many different people. I think my many years of overseas experience are my greatest strengths.


Serah Lim


“Rather than fearing change, I aim to live a life where I learn new things, make them my own, develop, and gain a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.”

As a community manager for a global startup center, startup support center, and startup incubator, I support the growth of startups and tenant companies, including managing tenant companies, managing space and facilities, and conducting networking events. I live in the United States and graduated from an American high school.

Figure 2.png

Kim Nam-eun


“I aim to live a life with careful consideration and clear decisions.”


Formerly in charge of Seoul National University Idea Factory Support Project, Creative Factory Support Project, Startup Leading University Support Project, Seoul National University Initial Startup Package, Campus Town Collaboration, Seoul National University College of Engineering Haedong Idea Factory SNU Technology Startup Plaza (Coexistence 34), small and medium-sized businesses I have 7 years of experience in technology consulting business and engineering school start-up business.


Yang Jeong-ah

Team Leader

“We have ENFP characteristics and aim for positive energy, communication, and an inclusive life.”

I have been in charge of startup support for 10 years in the startup ecosystem, including the Korea Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation and the Seoul Creative Economy Innovation Center. I am a start-up support expert with a strong sense of responsibility and a sincere commitment to the growth of startups.

Figure 7.png

Jiyoung Lim

Assistant Manager

“‘Life is a journey.’ We aim to enjoy each day as if it were a wonderful journey.”

I have experience planning a digital government global consultant training course at the Korea Intelligence and Information Society Agency (NIA) and supporting incubation/acceleration for the growth of preliminary and early startups in the Jeju region.

Figure 11.png

Park Bomi


“There is no special secret to success. The important thing is consistent effort and not giving up even when it is difficult. As the saying goes, we aim to live a life of persistence and steady effort toward our goals.”


Jeon Mi-kyung


“No matter what anyone says, I aim to live a life where I can grow as I am.”

advisory group


Kim Chun-ho


전, 한국 뉴욕주립대학교(SUNY Korea) 초대 총장

전, 건국대학교 부총장


Jang Heung-soon


Former Professor, Sogang University Graduate School of Technology Management
Current, Bluekite CEO
Former, Director of Sogang Institute of Future Technology (SIAT)
Former Chairman of the Venture Business Association (3rd, 4th, and 5th generations)
Former member of the National Science and Technology Committee under the President
Former, KOSDAQ Listing Committee member


Geumryong Lee


Current, Chairman of
Current Director, Korea Digital Economy Research Institute
Former Open Auction Chairman
Former CEO of Inicis
Former, first president of Korea Internet Companies Association
Former Auction CEO
Former Director, Samsung C&T Internet Business Department


Soowoo Kim


현, Havard School of Dental medicine 치주과 디렉터 겸 교수
현, 재단법인 Come and Change Foundation(USA) 설립자

board of directors


Choi Jin-kyo

Minerva University Master of Decision Analysis
Seoul National University, Bachelor of Chinese Language and Literature
Next Challenge goes global 
Open innovation and in-house venture development
Former, Samsung C&T fashion division BP strategy


Youngjun Choi

Current, CEO of Vetech Co., Ltd.
Current, Hanyang Angel Club Co-Chairman
Former CEO of Advantech Inve
Former Director of Hanyang University Alumni Association
Formerly, Founder and CEO of Adventec Korea (Taiwan joint venture)
· No. 1 in domestic industrial PC market share


Boyoung Shin

Current, Chairman of Alpha & Energy Co., Ltd.


Cheolyoung Kim

Current, CEO of Sehan Wise Consulting/Sehan Academy
· Over 25 years of nurturing global talent


Seonghyuk Park

Currently Professor, Department of Management Engineering, KAIST
Currently, Non-executive Director of Anantikov
Former Founder of Recobell
Former, Yellow Digital Marketing Business Representative
Former, RIDI technical advisor
· PhD in Management Engineering from KAIST
· AI/Big Data expert and entrepreneur


Ryu Chang-wan

Former, Director of Hanyang University Startup Support Group (2010~2020)
Currently, head professor, Graduate School of Entrepreneurship and Convergence, Hanyang University
Formerly, Hanyang University Global Enterprise Center Establishment and First Director


Eunjoo Kim

Currently, Handok CM&D Managing Director (Executive)


Shin Dong-min

Hyun, CEO of Bro Co., Ltd.
Hyun, Crobe Co., Ltd.
angel investor
ㆍSpecialization: Blockchain/Growth Hacking

Global Advisor


Dr. J.R. Reagan

Nation : US

CEO of IdeaXplorer Global



Jian Liang Low

Nation: China

Co-founder of Reactor School

Entrepreneurship education in 300 schools in SEA


Nicolas Mercier

Nation: France

Vice President at La French Tech Seoul

Vice President of La French Tech Seoul


Chris Georgiev

Nation : Bulgaria

Co-founder, Imagga
Automatic image recognition from 82 countries


Roger Royo

Nation : Spain

Solbridge Entrepreneurship Center

Spanish Chamber of Commerce


Sarun Sutuntivkoon

Nation : Thailand

Chairman of TVCA

Chairman of Thailand Venture Capital Association


Rusydi Khairul

Nation : Singapole

CEO of Reactor School

Entrepreneurship education in 300 schools in SEA


Peter Knell

Nation : US

Chief Marketing Officer at Raven

Blockchain, Web 3.0 expert


Solomon Moos

Nation: France

President at La French Tech Seoul

La French Tech Seoul Chairman/VC


Christopher Lai

Nation: HongKong

Director of Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Hong Kong Trade Development Bureau


Lee Yong Deuk

Nation: Vietnam

Vice President VTC Online

Vietnam’s largest game publisher under the Ministry of Science and ICT


Hiromi Sakae Ogawa

Nation : Japan

Executive Director of Envizion, Inc.

Edtech expert

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